Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Blood for Dilithium!

+Nicholas Morgan wrote:
"Okay, does anyone else think the Prime Directive is the worst idea we could come up with?"

Nick, get wise man, you're just playing into the hands of those war-mongering fools in San Francisco! We're not going to intervene just when it's in our interests. Starfleet needs to justify its existence somehow, and they're not gonna get a budget with so many shuttlecraft and warp nacelles by coming in peace.

And who do you think is gonna get that no-bid contract to supply photon torpedoes to the fleet? Have you ever listened to Captain Pike's parting address? Those beeps were warning us about the Interstellar-Industrial complex!

I mean, seriously! How many quagmires are we gonna get ourselves into following the "Kirk Doctrine" of pre-emptive warfare? We know now that Qo'nos never had the capability to threaten us militarily, what with the explosion of their moon Praxis. And it turns out the Klingons were totally unconnected to the events of Seti Alpha V — that was the work of a small group of fanatic extremists that we created during the Eugenics Wars!

And what are we trying to accomplish by planet-building? Democracy has never flourished on Qo'nos. They've been ruled by monarchs and despots for centuries and they all worship this guy Kahless the Unforgettable, whose main accomplishment was to kill a lot of people and found a pan-Klingon empire. The Klingons are all blood-thirsty warriors in a sectarian society divided by so-called 'noble' houses that have blood-feuds going back generations! Haven't you seen the stories about their "honor" killings?

How many redshirts are we going to send to their graves before we wise up and stop with this mess? No matter how much we try to help these ridge-heads, they are never going to be grateful. They're certainly never going to join the Federation of Planets! The only reason we invaded in the first place is because Kirk was still mad about Klingons killing his son. I say we should figure out where we're not wanted and return to patrolling the neutral zone.

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